Here are some details of our monthly escapades.

We normally arrange at each our field trips for one of our members to submit an illustrated report for us include in our Escapades. Over time we are building up an archive of our activities with a wide coverage of the geology of Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. Click on the links below to find out more.

2018 Escapades

2017 Escapades

2016 Escapades

2015 Escapades

2014 Escapades

2013 Escapades

2012 Escapades

Special Escapades

Malcolm' Geo Path; please click here for details on a pdf.

Want to become a Mid-Week Geology Group Member? You are welcome to come along to any of our fieldtrips. Details of where we are going with the meeting place and starting time are set out in our Programme pages.

You can contact us via our e-mail address:-

Here are photographs of some of our field trips. Click on them for more details

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